Arghhh! Neighbors!

by Pixie on July 27, 2009 · 3 comments

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Today was a beautiful summer day. A great day to enjoy the outside with neighbors. I was not going to let anyone stop that even if they wanted to, and boy did they try. Ha Ha on you!

Here is the thing. I in NO way make my older child responsible for my younger child. They each have to tell me where they are at, no exceptions! Boy Wonder( a child on our block) went to Boy 1 “Where is boy2?” , Boy 1 replied ” I don’t know.” Boy wonder comes to my house. “Where is Sam?”.  Sam is not my child I do not know where he is.

Boy Wonders mom then proceeds to go up to Boy 1 and give him the third degree about not knowing where Boy 2 is. I am sorry but that is a NO NO in my book. First that is non of your business to yell at my child. Second, if you have a problem come to me.

Boy Wonder all summer has come to my house asking for other children. Those children do not live here. He never asks for my children to play. I find that rude!!! I don’t care if he does not want to play with my kids, we are not those kind of people, but do not come to my house asking for other kids that don’t live here.

My kids are no angels LOL. Neither are anyone elses. My kids are not perfect. But please do not yell at my children for something that is not wrong. My older son did not know where the other kids were. He was busy playing with his friends.

I am tired of some people thinking we are out to get them. Hey, We are not! I am just trying to let my kids have a fun summer. Enjoy your summer too!


Bad News Baseball

by Pixie on July 24, 2009 · 3 comments

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This started out to be a good morning. No fighting, no crying. Both boys(age 7 and 10) cleaned their rooms (and to my liking). Their bathroom is another story, but I will not go there.

Boy 1 (the 10 year old) has been waiting for some news about baseball. Last week he tried out for Travel Baseball. To him this is a big deal. He has tried out before and not made it. This was his year, or so we thought. We got the news this morning that he did not make the cut.

He is learning a lesson early on in age. It is who you know not what you know. I know that we are his parents and we tend to favor our children, but we have always been honest about them and with them. Boy 1 did well at the tryouts. There were kids who did fantastic and kids that looked like they have never played before.

Some of those boys who looked like they had never played , MADE IT! I do not understand this crazy world of politics with children. They have to deal with that enough when they get older. Those who work hard and show you their skills should be rewarded. Those who do not want to be there, but are there because their parents made them, think twice.

We took a bike ride and talked about and he seems to be doing pretty well, but I know he really wanted this.

We are going to try again!


Welcome to Screaming Moms!

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Welcome to Screaming Moms!

Where we may not be screaming on the outside, we are most likely screaming on the inside. This is a place to tell all of our wonderful tales and adventures.  A place to vent about our trials and tribulations of marriage and parenthood.  A place to scream when we need to!


Join us as we tell you our greatest and darkest moments.  We will try and figure out our kids and husbands on Screaming Moms. I cannot say that we will ever figure them out, but we are going to try our hardest.

Sit back, relax, enjoy a cup of coffee or a margarita ( I know it is only 10 A.M.) and have a good laugh or cry, depending on the day.

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